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5 months ago

15.6" HP Full HD Chromebook Plus Laptop


About This Deal

Step into the future of computing with the HP Chromebook Laptop 2023. This deal offers cutting-edge technology, powerful performance, and the efficiency of Chrome OS, providing a seamless and productive computing experience.


- Advanced technology for a modern computing experience.

- Powerful performance for efficient multitasking.

- Chrome OS for streamlined and secure operations.

- Sleek and lightweight design for portability.

- High-resolution display for crisp visuals.


Unleash productivity with the HP Chromebook Laptop 2023 – a technological marvel that combines power, efficiency, and sleek design, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable computing experience in the modern era.

Quite surprised Google wouldn't require a touch screen for all Chromebook Plus models. I have Chromebooks with and without and I always miss touch screen when I'm using a model without.
Is this better than the Lenovo deal?