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9 days ago

The North Face Outdoor Gear:Wawona 4 tent (in-store only) - $79.99


About This Deal

Found lots of outdoor gear sold in big discount. I listed some tents price below.

Wawona 4: $79.99
Wawona 6:$99.99
Storm break 1: $29.99
Storm break 2: $29.99

This deal is in-store only at the North Face outlet.

If you're just going to use this during the summer it's probably fine. However, the Wawona 6 Footprint (custom tarp) is sold separately for this tent and is no longer made and people have complained about getting we in rainy weather and that it's hard to find a tarp that's the same weird shape. Also, their website goes on about new improvements so you might want to find out if this is the most recent decent and if it isn't what you're missing. Still for the price you're probably getting way more than you paid for.