How do deals and coupon codes get to

Community members and our editors find discounts and promo codes in a variety of places, including social media, email, and other platforms that online retailers use to advertise and communicate with customers. We regularly collect promo codes from over 1000 sources.

Deal Sources
61% community members
Websites and social networks
Direct marketing
Online advertising
How do we sort and verify deals and promo codes?
The sorting process
Every day, about 40,000 potential deals and promo codes are submitted to our platform. Most of them (about 80%, approximately 32,000) are discarded because they are old, low quality, or repetitive. The remaining 20% of offers (about 8,000 per day) are verified according to our fundamentals.
Quality Assurance
We discard about 6,000 offers daily that are unlikely to be useful to shoppers. As a result, only 5% of the discounts and promo codes we find every day (about 2,000) are published on Pikadil.
How do we verify the quality of the promo codes?
Most of the promo codes we publish are found directly from the marketing and advertising of the stores themselves or their partners. We also test over 10,000 promo codes every day using a combination of manual verification and systems built by our engineers.
How do we rank and display deals and coupons?
The main criteria for ranking discounts and promo codes is votes from our community members. On average, we receive over 50,000 votes from members about the performance or expiration of an offer.